First 'Ceiling Makeover'

Hi again, everyone!

If you're with me on YouTube or anywhere else across social media, you probably saw my recent video with Kichler Lighting. This was the first video in a possible series that I'm calling 'Ceiling Makeovers'. You can watch the video here if you haven't seen it: Kichler Bisc Ceiling Makeover. I wanted to share in my creative process a little bit and talk about how this concept actually came about, because this video format is pretty significant in the overall growth and future vision of Vintage Fans & More, and relates exactly to what I'm trying to do here with the blog.

This first Ceiling Makeover was among the most coordinated efforts I've ever put together for the VF&M brand; there were more people and moving pieces involved than any time before. A friend of mine that I met through a previous job knew I was into ceiling fans and lighting, and sent me a message on Facebook to line me up for some help. She recently moved into a new home, was looking to update her living room ceiling fan at some point down the line, and wanted to have me on board for some expert guidance and installation. Of course I was happy to oblige, I always have fun doing stuff like this, and what else are friends for? As a lot of new homeowners have to take into consideration, we were looking at working on a budget. Likely we were going to have to settle on something fairly modest from a home center, but I'm not too keen on budget products and that's when gears started turning. The thought that really got me going on this project was how hypocritical I would feel installing a low-end home center product, something that I would never choose myself, for someone who wanted my expert advice. It didn't feel right to me. I work with the best in the business both old and new, yet here I would be installing something low-end, paid for with hard-earned money. With the help of some industry friends, I knew we could do better.

Truly, I am blessed to work with incredible manufacturers of the greatest ceiling fans on the market. Kichler, in particular, has been so down with everything I've presented to them. Given, I have the viewership to back up my position, but they're always ready to send whatever I need whether it be cases of catalogs, accessories, or an entire ceiling fan. Awhile back, I was a little worried about working my way back in with Kichler after my main contact left the company, but thankfully I have connected with new people who have been just as incredible to work with. With this project in mind, I introduced my previous work to my new contact, then pitched my idea for a new spin on my product review format, so long as they would be willing to provide a product to install. As I said, Kichler has been AMAZING to work with. Here I am, just introducing myself and what I do to someone brand new, and almost immediately we were back on track to making it happen when I was worried that nobody would care to talk with me at all. It took a few months to get everything lined up, but the end result was worth the wait.

Early on, we met up at the house so I could scope out the install and pick through the catalog to select a fan. When I arrived with a 300 page catalog, my friend was blown away by the options available. Kichler offers such a variety, there is something for everyone to love and literally every single product they make is top-notch in its own category. At first there were almost too many options to pick from, but we got it narrowed down to a few potential models as we continued talking about the important aspects of the new fan. Then I flipped past the Bisc, and immediately that fan became the one. Personally, it was one of the options I was hoping would come up. It's a model I truly love, and I was eager to work with it, but I also have to say I can't imagine anything fitting better in this space after seeing the finished installation. It checked every box on the list, and just looked SO good. The finishes played amazingly with other elements in the space, while the fan itself became a new centerpiece and focal point in the room.

When I do my usual product reviews, I enjoy the fans I receive very much, but those fans usually don't see a permanent installation with me. This project was a little more satisfying in that regard; seeing the fan transform the look of the space so drastically and knowing that it would be enjoyed for years to come was so incredible. It's one of my favorite aspects of design; seeing how one piece impacts all the others. That's why changing out accessories and the other little things is so incredibly impactful, it doesn't have to be a huge project to make a huge difference. Not to mention my friend got an amazing fan that would've been unattainable any other way, so it was fulfilling to be able to do that using my industry connections and it was a win-win-win situation for everyone.

It took awhile for me to arrive at the name 'Ceiling Makeover' for the series, I only finalized it after doing the installation and initial recording. We were so taken aback by how just changing the fan made such an impact on this space in particular, the entire room looked so much more cohesive with the other decor and felt so modern, even though we didn't change the popcorn ceiling that looked so incredibly dated and dingy paired with the old fan. I thought it made sense to market it as a quick and easy makeover to change the appearance of the ceiling as a whole. Replacing a ceiling fan or light fixture takes relatively little time and changes the entire perception of the ceiling and overall space. A lot of people hate their popcorn ceilings. Often times a dated fixture accents those hated ceiling details, and simply changing the fixture will fade that popcorn into the background. People will notice a striking fan or chandelier, not so much the popcorn beyond it. Big visual impact need not equate to a big project, so if you're not ready to take on shiplap or decorative beams just yet, try a new fan first!

Once again, this project brings out that unique mix of content that Vintage Fans & More has grown to represent. I was able to tap into my interior design interests, and help guide the end user to a suitable product. I've never really done that from start to finish for someone else before, and I hope to do it again. I love vintage fans and vintage decor, but not everybody does and I'm okay with that. More vintage for those of us who adore it, right? That's what this series is all about, embracing those who are looking for a quality update for today's interiors. My goal is always to represent a little of everything, and in this case we were able to really tie together a space by installing a stunning new product from Kichler. In conclusion, I'll note that I do encourage reselling replaced fixtures, or donating them to building salvage stores like Habitat For Humanity ReStores, so that people looking for a vintage treasure can find them and they won't go to waste in the landfill. I guarantee you I will be keeping or passing along anything worthwhile that I replace in the Ceiling Makeover series, should it continue. Right now I'm not sure when or if there will be another video like this, but I greatly enjoyed it and would do another in a heartbeat. This first video has done rather well and the feedback has been great, so thank you to everyone who has been supportive. It always means the world to me.

Thank you for reading! See you soon.


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