Where Have I Been?

Hi everybody,

I can't believe where the year has gone, especially the last few months. We're already into the crazy holiday season that goes faster than any other time of the year, so we can practically call it a wrap already (lol). I'm writing today to just kind of give an update and really cover why I haven't been keeping up as much on this platform. My goal was to have at least one post up a month, but a lot has progressed since the beginning of the year.

First off, there are still a ton of home improvement projects and updates on the horizon, and I will share them here as they happen. My more recent absence from a lot of projects lately is a direct result of my trip to Lighovation in June. Since then, I've become associated with multiple new manufacturers and have been putting my major time into producing quality videos and reviews for those new partners. Never before have I had a pile of new products sitting, waiting to be made into videos, so this is a bit of an adjustment. In the past it's always been lining up a new video every few months with one of my manufacturer partners and record them as the products come in, but now I'm covering so many products that it's literally one every month and a new pace I need to figure out. While it's a major change, I'm thrilled to be presenting an ever-wider range of products and am always excited to grow. As we close out this year and move into the new year, we'll be seeing new product introductions, and likely, more videos to come. Moving forward, I hope to balance my time a little better, to cover all facets of what I do better. Lately it's been such an overwhelming change that I'm just trying to keep up with everything that's piled up and not put my manufacturers on the back burner. I know that each person who follows me has their favorite niche out of everything I do, so I hope everyone can understand that these projects are important to me and my professional growth, and that I very much appreciate your patience and support.

Manufacturer products aside, we celebrated National Ceiling Fan Day in September. Because my birthday shares the same day, it's a particularly busy time and always requires a lot of prep on my part as a self-proclaimed ambassador. We're talking weeks in advance, and even some follow-up afterward. Basically it's a straight month of NCFD behind the scenes. It takes a bite out of what I'm able to accomplish elsewhere, especially when I'm already backed up in other production. Multitasking on the VF&M end isn't exactly easy, as everything requires planning to get videos up in an order to ensure that certain things don't show up in one video before another, etc. etc. NCFD makes that immensely more difficult, since I have to show so much of my space within the scope of that video. For the hardcore viewers, there were things carefully hiding in that video that couldn't be seen yet. Lining all this up, in addition to all the display changes I make, takes days upon days of preparation for the one video.

To conclude, I don't want to make any promises for the remainder of the year. Not only do I have a stockpile of new products to work with, but we're also coming up on the 10 year anniversary of Vintage Fans & More. I'm hoping to assemble a video to celebrate, which will again eat into my spare time. Truly, I can't believe it's been a decade. The distance I've gone in just the past three years is mind boggling, that time already feels like an eternity, yet the years have gone so fast. In the coming season of holidays and good feelings, I'm so thankful to everyone who has been here with me through the years and continues to come along for the journey. Keep an eye out for more fun things to come!

Thanks for reading today, and I'll see you all soon.


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