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Where Have I Been?

Hi everybody,

I can't believe where the year has gone, especially the last few months. We're already into the crazy holiday season that goes faster than any other time of the year, so we can practically call it a wrap already (lol). I'm writing today to just kind of give an update and really cover why I haven't been keeping up as much on this platform. My goal was to have at least one post up a month, but a lot has progressed since the beginning of the year.

First off, there are still a ton of home improvement projects and updates on the horizon, and I will share them here as they happen. My more recent absence from a lot of projects lately is a direct result of my trip to Lighovation in June. Since then, I've become associated with multiple new manufacturers and have been putting my major time into producing quality videos and reviews for those new partners. Never before have I had a pile of new products sitting, waiting to be made into videos, so this is a bit of…

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