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Improving Lighting With Kichler

Hi everybody!

This is going to be a shorter one, but once again a really impactful lighting project. I'm sorry to have been away from here for much of this year, however when I started this blog I meant for it to be a mediator; a place where I could dive into some different content and invest some time at points where I was not working with my manufacturer partners on larger video projects. The past year and a half has been crazy as I've brought on multiple new manufacturers and taken on more than I ever have before, so there hasn't been time as originally allotted. I really enjoy exploring other topics here, but sitting down to write can take a bit of time, and I haven't even had time to take on the projects themselves lately.

I'd like to start off by disclosing that this post is not sponsored or meant as a specific promotion in any way, I simply used the Kichler product that I have been endorsing for quite some time for this project, so it's fitting as a bran…

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