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New Flooring | 30-Year-Old Carpet GONE!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? This is my first chance to do so on this platform. Thank you all for the continued support while I've been reevaluating where and how I can spend my time, the last two years have been a whirlwind of constant change. Today I'm back and we're covering a MASSIVE undertaking at my parents' house that's been progressing for months, and at the same time flying by faster than I can believe.

To recap, the house was built in 1990. All of the floor coverings besides the already-remodeled master suite were original to the house. Some very typical 90's pastel carpet colors, basic white tile with colored grout, and arguably ugly linoleum at the garage entry/laundry room. Considering the nearly 30 years that they've seen traffic, most areas were actually holding up amazingly well. There were already some rougher sections in the dining area off the kitchen where rolling chairs had been when my grandparents had the house, but other hea…

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